Say hello to the leadership team at Harrisonville Community Church

Meet our leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at Harrisonville Community Church. Questions for the leadership team at Harrisonville Community Church? Contact us by clicking here.


Beau Sellers - Director of Operations and Technology

Beau joined the HCC staff in October of 2017 as the Operations Director. Beau is passionate about helping HCC and Kinder Kastle stay up to date with ever changing technology, mixing sound for the worship team and all Kinder Kastle events, and the relationships he gets to build with the people he works with. When Beau is not at work he enjoys all things espresso, checking out the latest gadgets and watching soccer, especially when his son Will - 13, plays for the KCSG soccer club.


Rachael Yoder -Worship Leader

Rachael began serving as the Worship Leader in 2015. She is passionate about bringing songs that will not only be used in worship, but will be used to minister to the hearts of those who sing them, in good times and in bad

When she is not at work, Rachael likes to spend time with family and friends, drink coffee, and use artwork a creative outlet.

Rachael is married to Cory and they have 3 kids. Charlotte, Jonathan, & Emma.